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These dogs are so great…Couldn’t you find room for just one?

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My dog video…

Here I go with my favorite subject. Dogs. The video explores the idea of fostering a dog that needs a home when your situation doesn’t allow you to adopt!

Thanks for watching. Now go save a dog!

What I think, vs What I say…My responsibility to the ones I photograph

As a photographer that works with dogs a lot, my blog posts attract dog lovers and dog owners.  One sad fact is this; If you spend time around dogs, and make yourself aware of the dogs feelings and needs…Let’s just say it is tempting to lose patience with those that would neglect, misuse, and abuse them.
One example that comes to mind, illustrating owners disconnect of their dogs needs: As the weather has gotten cooler, there have been 4 times in the last month I went to a local dog park, and I was the only person that had water for my dogs. Fortunately I always carry extra. Once there were 10 dogs there. 2 mine, and not ONE other person brought water. What makes it worse is that there is a slow flow fountain there. As my supply of water dwindled, I pointed this problem out to the other dog owners, one couple having been the owners of the dog I was photographing. Only the couple that I was working with reacted positively and decisively. She went to fill a jug and he went to the car and returned with a bottle and a half of drinking water.

Many people would and even have questioned the wisdom of correcting, and possibly offending clients and potential clients…Small piece of insight…I am in it for the dogs. Not the people. Fact is…if they never hire me…If they talk bad about me…Thats OK, as long as the next time they come to the dog park, they remember to bring water for their dogs, plus a little extra for dogs escorting an irresponsible person…Im ok with that.

Practical insight offered…

As a photographer of dogs, I am amazed and humbled as I learn more and discover how little I actually know about and understand these wonderful animals. There are many blogs about dogs. Most are cute, and fun, and informative. But they mostly focus on specific issues, or breeds, but lacking in basic fundamental information on caring for and enjoying your friend.
Playmore Publishing, Blog about dogs” is different. Offering practical, down to earth advice on dog care, safety and companionship.

Caring for a dog takes more than common sense. It takes knowledge and devotion. Please; If you are a dog owner, please take the time to regularly read and increase your pool of knowledge in regard to caring for your dog. Have fun, and treasure your friend like he treasures you.

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