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This is a blog whose content is submitted by readers. This sounds a little chaotic. The layout and the flow are great though. The administrator is on top of their game for sure. But the photos submitted are spectacular! I love this site!

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If it is not good, do not use it!

Visiting other photographers sites, I came a cross a Youtube video with sound so bad, it was repulsive. The sound was sooo bad, I blocked the user! This put up a flag! If I am doing that to other bad media, then other people will do it to me. With that in mind I began watching how to videos. For how to make a Youtube video…You will not believe what I came up with as the best one.

The first step he gives for having a good video…Well, nothing I can do about that…Just watch…

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Some amazing HDR photography…

Planning to do an HDR shoot this weekend. I went and looked at some HDR to get inspiration. These shots are absolutely stunning.  Check it out for yourself.

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How about a pinhole camera made from the skull of a 13 year old girl…

I remember my first quarter in Commercial photography trying to decide what to make my pinhole camera with. Lets see…Some HIV positive blood? Maybe a piece of the twin towers. I know…The skull of a dead 13 year old girl!

Now lets go and take some pictures!

Time to get new memory cards…

Did a photo-shoot this evening. Went to retrieve the images…Nothing. Did a little research. The data is probably corrupted. Most likely, irretrievable. Anyway…While I was researching this I came across a very useful article.

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Blogs that help…

Albeit strange for a photographer, I would rather read than look at pictures. My retention level is frighteningly low, but “throw enough mud against the wall…” You get the point. So a blog that keeps it simple and is loaded with tips, and freebies…Is a winner in my book. Stroll around “Pay it Forward Photo” for a minute and tell me you do not agree.

So go check it out, and let me know what you think.

Speaking of photojournalism…

There is no way I can write about photojournalism and not us ethis as an excuse to shine a quick light on the father of photojournalism ALFRED EISENSTAEDT. His photos are absoloutly amazing. If you do not know the name, just click on the link below. You will recognize his work.

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