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This is a blog whose content is submitted by readers. This sounds a little chaotic. The layout and the flow are great though. The administrator is on top of their game for sure. But the photos submitted are spectacular! I love this site!

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If there are no laws against taking photographs in public in the US…Why are so many photographers arrested?

Whos job is more important, a second year photography student or a police officer? Dumb question right? Does that always settle a dispute between a  photographers freedom of speech and an officers ability to do his job?  While most police officers are passive about cameras during the normal course of the day, when things heat up, a camera is nearly always viewed with suspicion by law enforcement. This video is a scenario that happens WAY too much. Also be sure to download the “Photographers Rights” PDF file below. Listen to the threats by the police officer. All of which were illegal.

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“Citizen Journalism” A documentary. Must see for bloggers!

This is an AWESOME documentary about rogue journalism.
I think many bloggers take themselves too seriously and some even try to impact and be the news, not content to just report it. However…This is the mark of a free society. All oppinions are on the table, and everyone is free to take what they like. Greta video though.

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Speaking of photojournalism…

There is no way I can write about photojournalism and not us ethis as an excuse to shine a quick light on the father of photojournalism ALFRED EISENSTAEDT. His photos are absoloutly amazing. If you do not know the name, just click on the link below. You will recognize his work.

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The future of photojournalism…

In a free society such as the USA freelance journalism is a vital tool for preserving the sustainability of that society. They act kind of like the instant replay in the NFL. Acting as the quintessential “tattletale”, journalist are paid by society for the work they do, usually in the form of advertising dollars. Herein lies a major challenge going forward. Corporate and government tentacles run further and deeper than ever before, trying to filter everything we hear and see with their message.

The above video is a BBC presentation about the effect mass media has had on people and how this has been exploited by corporations and governments to the detriment of the masses.

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The future of photojournalism . Continued from front page…

I dare to assume that as we go forward more and more of the visual and audible stimuli around us will be

bought and paid for by people who, at best, have their own interests to think of.Even mainstream news organizations are unabashedly in the corner of corporations and politicians.

The next decade or so will bring about a whirlwind of change in media. In order to remain objective

journalist will have to be creative, so as to keep our work non-obligatory. With the economies of most free

societies on the edge of sustainability, the entire economic landscape could change overnight.It is very important then that photographers and journalists understand the climate, where it is going and what will work with what is coming.
Below are links to several articles that offer interesting insights into issues regarding the changing economy and Journalistic photography.

If you have made it this far…Congratulations. Here is solid gold for a serious beginning photographer. At the following link I could not get the tapes to download, but on the right side of the page are legal definitions and leagal precedents that can save you tens of thousands in legal fees and royalties.


When I first began working with Photoshop, my biggest problem was the complexities of the tutorials. If you have been
following along with my tutorials and get hung up…Don’t lose heart. Keep trying. Let me know if I can help…And check
out this link about basic text work in Cs4. Anyway…

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