The most important aspect of "Citizen Journalism" and no one talks about it…

Since starting this blog, “Citizen Journalism” has been a favorite topic.

While I state unequivocally that I strongly support Citizen Journalism, seldom have I heard what I believe to be the strongest case for CJ brought to the forefront. “Who is paying the reporter?”
The issue of “A Free Press”, untainted by anyone’s money, even when brought forward with bias, prejudice and the stumblings of a bumbling amateur is one that will not be easily trumped.
CJ’s will never dominate our news coverage, the resources are simply not there. Fact checking the corporate Media outlets is a more feasible role of bloggers and students, or anyone else that wants to get involved.
Going a little off topic with the video, I thought it important again to demonstrate the effectiveness of CJ, 

Be sure to come back and let me know what you think.


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