Shattering our text

Hello again. Last week we made text that looked like glass so we could shatter it. Today we are going to put the “glass” looking” text on its own layer so we can give it the shattered effect.
Ok…Open your shattered text document.
First thing we will do is turn off the background layer, so all we see is the text. On the menu tab “Select”, “All”. Then “Edit”, “Copy Merged”. Then “Edit” “Paste”. Now we have a copy of the text on it’s own layer with all of the blending options applied. If we had tried to alter the text without flattening this layer, it wouldn’t have worked right.
Turn off the original text layer, where all you are looking at is the merged copy.
Select the “Pen” tool from the tools panel on the left.Go to a random point just outside the text and make a selection. Go to the center of the text and select again. This will create a straight line path. Then pull back and make another

selection in the general direction of your first selection to create a “V” path. Then go to your first selection and click again to close the path. Right click inside of your triangle and choose “Make Selection”. Then select “Edit” “Cut” “Edit” “Paste”. This will take the piece you cut out and put it on it’s own layer.Select the move tool from the tool panel and move the piece to where you can tell what it was, but just off set like lightly broken glass. Now, BE SURE TO SELECT THE ORIGINAL TEXT LAYER. And repeat the process. Through trial and error you can work on it to get it right. If you mess up, go back to the original text with the adjustments and start over.

Have fun and keep learning.


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