Meet my new "PIC", Bristol!

Pulling into my apartment complex, I saw a group of young boys surrounding a small Pitbull. It was obvious the dog was afraid, and as the boys would approach, she would growl, and they would pull away. Well, a Pitbull, scaring people, justified or not, rarely ends good for the animal. 3-4 minutes later she would be in the car with me, Jackson, and Louise.
She appears to be about one year old, and recently had puppies. She will be placed in a permanent home very soon.

Bristol. A stray, that was about to get into trouble.

Bristol, dutifully weathering an inspection by “Truck.”

This is Chrysstine and “Mistress.” Hopefully they will adopt Bristol.
Bristol’s first trip to the dog park was a good one. I ran across a friend that works with rescues and a Dog Boarding and grooming business.(You can see more about “Camp Woof” here.) Chrysstine owns a rescued Pitbull named “Mistress.” they have been looking for a great companion for “Mistress”, and hopefully will be able to adopt Bristol.

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