Creating the text we will shatter…

Hello! Well, I learned a new trick. How to make text look like shattered glass, and I am anxious to share it with you. However, before we can make text look like shattered glass, we have to make it look like glass. (And make the look stick through being broken!) My first try came out looking something like this…

Not bad. Next I have to apply it to something…Anyway; Lets get started making some glass looking text.

Now remember, the exact style I am going to give you will vary depending on the color of text, and backgrounds. You will have to tweak it to get the best look.
For this demo, I created a new file. Mine is 16″ wide x 9″ high. My background color is black, and I am working in 8bit.
Select the text tool from the side panel. My text size is 140. The color does not matter, we will change that in a minute.
Now simply type the text you want and click the layer to set it. Right click on the text layer and select “Blending Options”.

When the “Blending options” box opens, select “Drop Shadow in the upper left corner. Be sure to highlight the item along with checking the box or confusion will follow. Keep the drop shadow setting very low. This is not to see a shadow, but to to create contrast. I set mine for 2. Ok, now select “Bevel and Emboss”.  Put the style at “Inner Bevel”, for “Technique” the one I found worked best every time was “Chisel Hard.” Mess around with the other buttons. The other ones I ended up checking were “Satin”, and then I changed the color with “color overlay.” By now you will have noticed your text coming along. Tweak it to get what you want, and have fun!

Well, there you have the hard part. All we have to do now is isolate the text where we can break it up without affecting the  adjustments we applied. That will be the next tutorial.


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