Our new partner…Bristol.

Pulling into my apartment complex, I saw a group of young boys surrounding a small Pitbull. It was obvious the dog was afraid, and as the boys would approach, she would growl, and they would pull away. Well, a Pitbull, scaring people, justified or not, rarely ends good for the animal. 3-4 minutes later she would be in the car with me, Jackson, and Louise.
She appears to be about one year old, and recently had puppies. She will be placed in a permanent home very soon.

Bristol’s first trip to the dog park was a good one. I ran across a friend that works with rescues and a Dog Boarding and grooming business.(You can see more about “Camp Woof” here.) Chrysstine owns a rescued Pitbull named “Mistress.” they have been looking for a great companion for “Mistress”, and hopefully will be able to adopt Bristol.


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