Here are 2 more headers.

OK guys. I need feedback. I am leaning toward the style of the one on top. Not much difference. So what do you guys think? If I need to trash them and start over, PLEASE speak up! I will be soooo glad when I settle this header issue. Thank you all for stopping by, and your input is certainly appreciated.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas? Please comment. Thanks!

6 Responses to Here are 2 more headers.

  1. The bottom one is absolutely beautiful…. Good job

  2. I vote for dogs over boxers. Wait, are they both dogs?

  3. Willina says:

    I'm struggling with mine so I'm not much help. I like the one with the dogs but the reflection is competing with your name. Maybe lighten it up some so that your name stands out.

  4. Well let me think, boxers or dogs, boxers or dogs I think dogs. The bottom one is very nice.

  5. Ok. Thank you all. I followed what ya'll suggested and I think it turned out great. wrightemily54 is my ex-wife btw. I was going to do the opposite of what she said, until everyone agreed with her.

  6. I'd like the bottom one in black and white. I like the blue text but i think the reflection is a little to straight up and down. It needs to be at more of a forward angle.

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