Photography is changing…

In the 70’s, 80’s 90’s generally households would share a camera while some of our more affluent neighbors might have 2 or 3 carefully packed away somewhere, the idea of every family member having their own camera?….Think about this also…Every shutter click resulted in a print! When a good picture was taken…It would be passed around and bragged about for years. Photo Albums, shoe-boxes, drawers, eventually entire wall-chests would be filled with prints. When a picture was taken and it had value like wine it would age well and increased in value. Today? You had better get paid for that shot and run. Two reasons I see for that; People have a short attention span, second;someone else will produce the shot.
Fortunately, taking great pictures, doing whatever editing is necessary, and streaming it onto a media viewable by the entire family takes a skill directly relative to the quality of the image produced. When photography is made easier for the general public, it will also run more smoothly for the photographer.

Here is an article written by a group of nine photographers in 1944. Their views on the future of the art are remarkable. Pay close attention to the writings of HA Schumacher. This was a man that understood the practical directions that photography was going. Read the article here.


2 Responses to Photography is changing…

  1. ErikHelms says:

    I wonder if that guy on the bike used to drive a bus…hence the wheel on the handlebars. Very interesting article. It's a nice find

  2. This is great composition.

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