Does the right to photograph equal the freedom to photograph?

Responding to a point that didn’t come from my blog. A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to an article about the right to photograph in public.(Read the article here.) My brother made the point that “the police need protection from malicious editing.” Yeah…I laughed too. Makes me think of the motorcycle rider in Maryland that recorded an off duty police officer having an unacceptable meltdown. You can read about that here. Point is the police used a law aimed at protecting politicians from getting caught taking bribes to punish this man severely for showing a police officer behaving badly.

Having the right sometimes means we must stand up to defend the right.
Standing up for our rights is something we must do in order to preserve them. It is simple arithmetic that when you threaten someones interest with your photography, they in turn will threaten you.
The sad fact is, If you are going to keep your camera ready to photograph anything, be prepared to be bullied into backing down or be prepared to stand up and be counted.

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