CS4 from a dummy!

I must confess…I am the last of my class mates to learn how to put a spooky color-cast on an image. Actually, I learned by accident. I created a transparent layer, accidentally colored it green, fooled around with it a minute, added a blue, a kind of brown, orange layer and woo-lah! The tricky part was figuring out how to dirty up the face. For that I added a texture shot that looks like peeling paint, put an inverted mask on it and painted in about 20% around her cheeks, forehead, and neck.

Fool around with the color-cast layers until you get the color you want. 

I like Annabelle, so I will not zombie her up too bad, you can use your imagination.
For the novice photoshop users, that have no idea how I did that, do not worry. I am going to type up detailed instructions on how I did it and post them next week. Be patient! 🙂 
Until then…begin developing basic photoshop skills with this series of videos. Watch video.

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